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Q: Am I allowed to give tips or gifts to the staff?
A: These types of gestures are strictly forbidden. If you wish to express your thanks to any of our employees, we ask that you do so verbally or with a thank-you card and let their supervisor know so the individual can be recognized among their peers.
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Q: Am I allowed to leave the facility?
A: There are certain guidelines Medicare and Medicaid place on nursing home residents. These are described in our bed hold policy. Aside from these limitations, residents may leave as often as they like to spend time with family and friends, attend special events or just take a drive one afternoon. Residents must, however, sign out with their nurse and check to see if any medication or special attention is required while theyíre away.
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Q: Are items from home allowed to make the room more comfortable?
A: Personal items from home are a great idea. Favorite pictures, throw blankets and plants are highly encouraged to help personalize a room. Some items, however, are too hazardous and are not allowed at all (i.e. candles, throw rugs, hot plates, extension cords etc.). You may refer to our room layout for dimensions of living space.
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Q: Are laundry services provided?
A: The facility provides all bed linens and towels and is responsible for laundering them. This service is also provided for personal clothing, as long as it is adequately labeled. If family chooses to wash clothing, we ask that dirty clothing be picked up every 2-3 days.
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Q: Are religious services available?
A: The multi-use room is set up for meditation, reflection and special services 24 hours a day and is available to all denominations. Rosary is recited every Monday at 9:30 am in the multi-use room and Catholic mass is held every Monday at 10:15 am.
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Q: Can my family members volunteer?
A: Our activities director operates a volunteer program made up of members of the local community who choose to assist in hosting events, providing entertainment and interacting with our residents. Anyone with special skills, talents or extra time to share is encouraged to become a volunteer. Click here to fill out a contact form for more information.

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Q: Do I have a say in how the nursing home operates?
A: Our staff is expected to be flexible and honor all reasonable requests made, as long as it does not endanger the residents.

Participation in the resident council is encouraged. The council meets each month with our activities director to represent all of our residentsí concerns and make suggestions to the facility staff.

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Q: How do I get my mail?
A: Mail will be delivered to the facility and distributed Monday through Friday. All mail should be addressed as follows:

c/o Maison du Monde Living Center
4000 Rodeo Road
Abbeville, LA 70510

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Q: How do I schedule doctorís appointments?
A: Coordination of doctorís appointments should be made through our director of nursing. If our staff feels that a visit is warranted, we will make the necessary arrangements and notify family. The local Council on Aging usually provides transportation, but trips are planned based on availability. If transportation is not available we will request family assistance in keeping the scheduled appointment.
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Q: Is a telephone or television available in the room?
A: Telephone and television connections are available in every room, but it is up to residents and/or family members to make the necessary arrangements with the service provider for their installation and billing.

Televisions are not recommended for our memory care unit because residents with dementia have a difficult time distinguishing between what is on television from reality.  Some television programming can trigger delusions, hallucinations and excess anxiety.  The unit does, however, have a TV/VCR/DVD in the common area to be used by staff for supervised therapeutic activities.

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Q: Is there a beautician or barber available?
Our staff will help you perform normal grooming such as fingernail and toenail clipping, shaving and hair brushing/combing. A licensed beautician is available each week for haircuts and styling. Our Business Office Manager can help schedule your appointment. The fees are as follows:

Cut $ 5.00
Wash & Set $ 5.00
Cut, Wash & Set $10.00
Permanent $25.00
Color $20.00

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Q: Is there a doctor on call?
A: Dr. Ronald Lahasky of Abbeville is the medical director of our facility and is ultimately responsible for the care of all the residents at Maison du Monde Living Center. He makes rounds in the facility every week to see his patients and is conferred with periodically concerning the health care we provide. Residents are free to choose an attending physician other than the medical director, but they are required to see you at least once every 30 days for the first 90 days after admission and at least once every 60 days thereafter.
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Q: Should I bring a wheelchair or walker?
A: If you have a clinical need for durable medical equipment and have one available, you may bring it with you. We ask that you label the item clearly or otherwise mark it. Electric wheelchairs and scooters are allowed with Administrator approval based on your safety and the safety of others.
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Q: What are the visiting hours?
A: Unlike a hospital, we have no set visiting hours. Guests are welcome and highly encouraged to visit. However, medical and personal care of the residents are our highest priorities, so we ask that visits do not interfere with these efforts and take place during typical waking hours only. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis. Children of all ages are welcome as well, but we ask that they be supervised at all times.
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Q: What do the residents do in their free time?
A: We have an excellent activity program and encourage participation. There are planned activities daily, a birthday party each month and special events. A calendar is posted in the residentís room to keep up-to-date with the schedule for the month. The activity room and multi-use room are available 24 hours a day for your use. There are board games, playing cards, reading material, etc. for the residentsí enjoyment. Residents are highly encouraged to let our staff know what sorts of activities they prefer so that we can accommodate requests or find other residents with similar interests.
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Q: What types of clothing items should be kept in the room?
A: Clothing should be suited to the season and personal wishes. Since individual storage space is limited, family members should retain any out-of-season garments not frequently worn.
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Q: When and where do I eat?
A: Meals are served restaurant-style in our dining room* and we encourage all residents to attend and socialize. A designated area is provided if you require assistance with eating. Residents may choose to eat in their room. The nurse should be provided with sufficient notice prior to the meal so the kitchen may be alerted to the residentís wishes. Meal times are as follows:

Breakfast 7:00 am
Lunch 11:00 am
Dinner 5:00 pm

*Guest meals may be purchased for $3. Please allow the dietary staff sufficient notice for guests dining in our facility.

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